Why a Queen Sized Air Mattress is Right For You

Sleeping on the hard, solid ground definitely will cause a back and neck ache in the morning. Do you enjoy camping, but hate sleeping on the hard ground with just a sleeping bag and blankets to keep you cushioned? Do you have many visitors come over for a stay, or have children who have sleep-overs? Or do you enjoy floating out on the lake on a lazy day? Then a queen sized air mattress is something you should certainly consider adding to your collection of things at home.

Air mattresses are fantastic for sleeping on, mostly because they can be close to being just as comfortable as sleeping on your normal mattress. You can start off by filling it with air completely, and if it is too firm, you can let out a bit of air to soften the affects. Just be sure not to let out too much, or the next time you lay on it you may simply sink right on through to the ground!

You may have already checked out some air mattresses and considered getting only a single sized or double sized air mattress. A queen size mattress is the optimal size for a mattress because it can fit on person comfortably and without them rolling off. You also certainly could not fit two people on a single or double sized mattress. If you have considered a king sized mattress, consider how difficult it can be to fit a mattress of that size into any cramped space (like a small camping tent!). Queen size mattresses fit almost every where, and can accommodate more than one person.

The actual price of an air mattress can vary, depending on who has made the product (the manufacturer). It is important to buy a quality best air mattresses, so you can be sure that it can withstand some moderate puncturing (like rocks that may be on the ground beneath the bottom of your tent) and you also want to be sure that the mattress can support your weight, as well as that of another person if necessary. If you do not want to stick with one of the better known brands-since these brands do tend to be a bit more expensive-do be sure to research the quality of the lesser-known brand of the air mattress manufacturer. Otherwise you may very well just be throwing your money down the drain.

Some things to remember when it comes to an air mattress are:

– The air mattress is built to have someone laying on it; this does NOT include any jumping, walking over, or stepping on it. When children are using the mattress, monitor them closely (otherwise I guarantee that you will end up with a busted air mattress).

– No matter what the quality of the air mattress, it is always a good idea to lay down a thick blanket below the mattress to prevent any potential punctures from occurring.

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