Best Bluetooth Headphones – Top 4 Products Reviewed

Looking to untangle your mobile lifestyle? Read on to see what I consider the four best Bluetooth headphones currently available in the market today.

Headphones or headsets?

Normally, “Bluetooth” and “headphones” do not go together. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that is typically associated with headsets-mainly for communication such as mobile phones. “Wireless” is more aptly paired with “headphones”-those used solely for enjoying music and/or solitary listening. However, the two terms have been mixed and matched every so often, “Bluetooth headphones” can mean more than one product categories. See below for some brand, style, and feature options.

Nokia BH-905

The Nokia BH-905 is a true Bluetooth headphone. It is what a real headphone looks like-over the ear with big earcups that cover most of one’s ear. It uses Bluetooth technology and does not have a protruding microphone. You will look like you are only listening to music, but in the case of a call, you can communicate directly with it, without having to put the phone near your mouth.

Jabra BT8010

Admit it, almost anywhere you see a Jabra product, you’ll see that it is Bluetooth-capable. Jabra is one of the leading brands that specialize on best bluetooth headphones Their BT8010 can be converted into stereo by simply linking two units together. In the end, you get two headsets in one.

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800

When it comes to sound quality, this is my pick. The HBH-IS800 is a gorgeous-looking in-ear headset that was mainly made for listening to music. It is very unobtrusive and connects via Bluetooth via a short cord and transmitter that goes across the back of the listener’s neck.

JayBird JB-200i-01

The JayBird is a true music-only headphone. It is made for use with the iPod, if wireless is your thing. The system connects via small dongle that attaches to the iPods lower dock channel. Like the Sony Ericsson, it has a wire that goes across the neck to connect the two pieces.

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